Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
Latitude 33° 36' 24" N | Longitude 117° 53' 07" W

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Pirates of BCYC Halloween Party
Saturday, October 28

Avast Me Hearties!
Chart yer course & revel with the swashbucklin’
Pirates of BCYC
Be ye dead or be ye live!
The Twenty-Eighth Day of October in the year 2017
6 o’clock Grog & Spirits
7 o’clock Grub
Partake in a jig or two all evenin’ long!
Yo ho! Send yer reply of Aye or Nay…
Call yer club by the Twenty-Fifth Day of October
or you’ll walk the plank!
A bounty of fun awaits ye!
DJ Barnacle Brian Robertson
Heavy Appetizer Buffet   $25++ –