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Junior Membership Application


An Unincorporated Association


I.    NAME:   The name of this association shall be LAS COMMODORAS. 

II.   PLACE OF BUSINESS:   The principal office for the transaction of the activities and affairs of this association is BAHIA CORINTHIAN YACHT CLUB (BCYC), 1601 Bayside Drive, Corona del Mar, CA 92625. The board of directors of this association may change the location of the principal office. Any such change of location must be noted by the secretary on these bylaws opposite this Section.


A.   The purpose of this association is to organize, promote and manage luncheons and other social activities for the benefit of the female members of BAHIA CORINTHIAN YACHT CLUB, and to act as a Women’s Auxiliary to BAHIA CORINTHIAN YACHT CLUB.


A.   Activities of association members may include service as hostesses for BCYC Opening Day ceremonies, management of guest and dignitary check-in at said ceremonies, and participation in Opening Day Ceremonies.

   B.   The association may, from time-to-time, promote and manage fundraising activities for the benefit of BCYC, subject to the approval of the BCYC Board of Directors.

   C.   The association may, from time-to-time, adopt and support charities and other community services subject to the approval of the BCYC Board of Directors.

   D.   The association may engage in other social, off site activities, subject to the approval of the BCYC Board of Directors.

VI.   The association shall provide regular reports at BCYC Steering Committee meetings and BCYC membership meetings.

VII.   The association may maintain bank accounts and deposits separate and apart from the accounts of BCYC. Information on said accounts shall be regularly provided to association members and the BCYC Board of Directors, or its designee.

VIII.   MEMBERSHIP: Any female member of BCYC is eligible for membership in the association. Eligibility to serve on the association board of directors is limited to voting members in good standing of BCYC.


A.   The governing body of Las Commodoras shall be a Board of Directors composed of a President, 1st Vice President- Programs, 2nd Vice President- Social Chairman, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Immediate Past President/Parliamentarian. Other directors may be designated by the Board of Directors. 

   B.   The current President shall appoint her successor whom must be a Director who has served for at least one year. The BCYC Commodore has final approval of the succeeding President.

   C.   No director shall serve more than two consecutive years in the same office (e.g. “President”, “Treasurer”, etc.).

   D.   The board of directors shall hold a minimum of ten monthly meetings per year. Regular meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. The place of the meeting shall be BCYC unless otherwise noticed by the President at least 10 days prior to the date of the meeting. Board meetings are open to association members only at the invitation of the board of directors or following submission of a written request by an association member to, and written approval of, the board of directors.

X.   OFFICERS AND DUTIES: The officers and officer’s duties of the association are as follows:

   A.   PRESIDENT. The president is the chief executive officer of the association. The president shall preside over all Board meetings, member meetings, and events organized by this association. The president shall create and organize the associations’ schedule of events and meetings, attend and report at BCYC monthly Steering Committee meetings, attend and report at BCYC membership meetings, make regular reports on association matters to the BCYC Commodore, prepare and submit a Las Commodoras article for the BCYC newsletter, establish a Las Commodoras board, establish goals including gifts and support to BCYC.

   B.   1st VICE PRESIDENT.    The 1st Vice President is in charge of association programs, and shall oversee & coordinate all association events with the association chairpersons. The 1st Vice President shall also interact with BCYC club employees in connection with said events and programs. The 1st Vice President shall utilize a preparation check list to ensure timeliness of the event activities, utilize a wrap up summary to determine success level of events, and serve as President as needed.

   C.   2nd Vice PRESIDENT.    The 2nd Vice President is the social chairman, and is in charge of check-in procedures at all events where such procedures are required. The 2nd Vice President shall coordinate the check-in list with the Treasurer’s Report, BCYC front desk personnel and accounting office. The 2nd Vice President shall also contact new members by phone and electronic mail, send greeting cards to members as directed by the President, and serve as 1st Vice President as needed.

   D.   RECORDING SECRETARY.    Shall record, present and maintain minutes of all association board and membership meetings.

   E.   TREASURER.   The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the association, and shall maintain the Las Commodoras bank accounts, make deposits and disburse checks, balance the budget, give monthly association financial reports, coordinate raffles and fundraisers. 

   F.    HISTORIAN.      The Historian shall photograph and document all events, submit photographs to the President, and assist the President in preparing a yearbook.

   G.   IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT:      shall serve as the Parliamentarian and render advice to the association as needed. 


   A.   GOODWILL AMBASSADOR. It will be the function of this office to hand deliver condolences and/or get well wishes as directed by the President.

   B.   TECHNICAL ADVISOR. It will be the function of this office to assist with the planning and installation of decorations for all association events.

XII.   The association is an auxiliary to BCYC and shall comply with its bylaws, rules, regulations, and directives. Any changes to these bylaws shall be submitted to the Commodore of BCYC to assure they are consistent with the bylaws, rules, regulations and corporate purposes of BCYC. In the event of any conflict between these bylaws and the bylaws, rules, regulations, policies and directives of BCYC, these bylaws shall be subservient.