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A Whirlwind of Summer Events for our Junior Sailors

Another fantastic summer for the BCYC Junior sailors has come and gone, and the Junior Events Committee was there to bring some additional fun to Camp Corinthian. Mindy Wood led the coordination of the Pirate Day Sail-A-Thon, an annual fundraiser elevated to a new level of organization and fun. This year, the event reached a record $5,000-plus, thanks to Mindy, the JEC team and the contributions of so many families participating in the Camp Corinthian summer program.

The Camp Corinthian Carnival, brainchild of Mindy Wood, also reached an extraordinary level of fun. When you see Junior Sailing Director Cameron MacClaren or Head Coach Matt Peter, ask them what it’s like to be duct-taped to a wall and have pies thrown at you! This extremely popular happening couldn’t take place without the generosity and efforts of many parent volunteers.

Finally, the summer program ended with the Awards Banquet, honoring the accomplishments of BCYC’s Junior sailors and exceptional Camp Corinthian coaches. The program enjoyed the highest enrollment in many years, which created a challenge to keep the ceremony as short as possible and accommodate all the sailors and their proud families at the banquet. BCYC management and staff rose to the occasion and a great time was had by all. Very special thanks to our raffle volunteers, whose efforts helped raise $3,000 for the Junior Program, and to Mark Gaudio for conducting a highly successful live auction and Fund-A-Need, raising more than $8,000 to benefit The Sailing Foundation!

Ramsey Johansson