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Announcing BCYC Photo Collections on Flickr

BCYC is pleased to announce that a treasure trove of photos from our past are now available online for all members to enjoy and download. We’re still in the process of uploading our full historical collection, but more than 6,000 photos are available for you to enjoy! We’ve set up a Flickr account giving you the ability to watch a slideshow, search for pictures or download favorites to your computer, to make prints or share with others. Photos are available in full original resolution (which varies) and most importantly, are organized by year and event. Each event that we have photos for has its own album. Looking for shots from Opening Day in 2014? That album is just a few clicks away. Decide you want a photo from that event or just want to enjoy a slideshow to re-live the memory? It is a mouse click away!

We encourage you to visit our Flickr page regularly, as we’re still loading more photos and will be adding new event pictures as they occur. Here’s the basics:

• On the BCYC website, click on the Member tab
• Click on Photo Albums-Flickr
• You’ll be presented with albums and years of photos at your fingertips, organized by year and event

There are more features and options, so click around to explore slideshows, downloading, Photostream and other Flickr capabilities. Photos from the past (and the future) are being added quickly, so check back if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Happy hunting!

~ Larry Fortmuller, BCYC Director