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By Land Or By Sea, The Desert And “Great White Way”

These last three months have been a whirlwind of events, all of which have been hugely successful, way beyond my expectations.

Starting with the Commodore’s Ball, there is a tradition that the commodore picks the theme and then is excluded from all preparation until the day of the ball. Anyone who attended can certainly attest that the incredible organizers, Kari Konapelsky and Lauri Moffett, their assistants and our staff did a spectacular job transforming BCYC into the Sonoma Valley wine country, with cuisine to match! With Kari and Lauri providing the overall plan, General Manager Scott Jones, Chef Georges Rapicault, Food and Beverage Manager Bruce Fottrell and their teams were awesome. Special thanks to Jeff Granbery (photography) and Cary and Silvia Breeden (printing pictures on special photo fabric) for creating the wonderful life-sized backdrops. Our pre-ball cocktail party hosts – Staff Commodore Tom and Mary Madden, Barry and Ann O’Neil, Director Rhonda Tolar – were equally impressive. Lynn and I, and our families, will never forget this unbelievable event. There are no words to express our deepest appreciation to all.

On the water, we have hosted the annual Midwinters in February (under somewhat trying conditions with more than 30 Harbor 20s out in the bay, as well as the Mills Series. Our Junior Program is ramping up for their spring program that just began, and the Camp Corinthian summer program. In the marina, the new floating docks have been installed, which will help to make launching CFJs easier. The funding for these docks was a direct result of monies raised during The Gala held last September.

Our Desert Land Cruise, under the watchful eye of Lauri and Rear Commodore Steve Moffett, was an immense success with activities for everybody. This is just one of many cruises that Lauri and Steve have planned for this year. I would like to make an appeal to you all. This is the second year they have chaired the Cruise Committee, and given that Steve is moving through the chairs, his duties and commitments will continue to grow. Therefore, I am soliciting members who would be interested in being Cruise Committee chairs in 2018. Let me know and be assured you will be supported, and Lauri and Steve will be great tutors.

Our production of Southern Fried Showboat is history and I want to thank the entire cast and crew, and most of all, Showboat organizers Nancy Bryant and Joan Delaney. Director Larry Watts helped us make this show happen, with patience that exceeds anyone I have ever met. The passion, dedication and commitment on the part of our fellow members to make this long-standing tradition such a success each and every year is quite remarkable.

In summation, I would like to state again the observation about BCYC that I made at the Commodore’s Ball. We are inclusive, we help when it does not seem possible, we give when others won’t and we care because that is who we are!