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Gala Funds Going to Good Use

After the stunning success of The Gala 2017, and working closely with the Sailing Foundation, the Junior Sailing Program is thrilled to put some of the funds raised toward capital improvements benefiting our program. One item already underway is a new six-boat sabot trailer, used for traveling to regattas hosted by regional yacht clubs. With most racing sabots costing well into four figures, it’s important to have a trustworthy and reliable method of delivering them up and down the coast. We’re looking forward to having some special features on the new trailer, such as larger road tires and custom dolly racks, making the process easier for everyone.

Our fleet of 12 CFJs and 420s is currently undergoing a professional overhaul to repair the many dings and chips that have accumulated over the years. This will extend the life of the fleet and keep our boats as competitive as possible. For our power fleet, we are replacing the remaining two old Honda motors with two new Yamahas, marking the final phase in the outboard turnover program we began several years ago. Finally, we received a generous amount of support in the form of direct donations toward new sabot dollies. With the sabot program steadily growing, the new dollies will help streamline the process of launching and hauling sabots here at BCYC.

On behalf of the junior program and everyone involved, I would once again like to express our gratitude to The Gala event chairs and the many volunteers, as well as all the donors who have opened so many doors for kids here at BCYC.