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Golden Bear and Gaucho Regatta Recap

Last month, BCYC high school sailing team members competed in the Golden Bear Regatta at Treasure Island Sailing Center in San Francisco, and the Gaucho Regatta hosted by Santa Barbara Yacht Club. BCYC sailors competing for Corona del Mar and Newport Harbor High Schools enjoyed easy camaraderie and a friendly rivalry on and off the water during these regattas.

Corona del Mar took fourth place and Newport Harbor High School finished fifth in the Golden Bear Regatta. Both teams mutually agreed that they experienced very tricky conditions. The weekend proved to be tough all around, with drastic changes in wind direction during and after each race. Difficulty also came with predicting the shifts, which made choosing either side of the race course a 50-50 gamble most of the time.

The Gaucho Regatta had sailing conditions that were somewhat less tricky, but still quite challenging. As the final event on the schedule before the Pacific Coast Championship, CdM placed third and NHHS was seventh.

The championship, hosted by Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club April 22-23, will be the culmination of the high school sailing season. It has been another great season of learning and enjoying sailing.