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So much has happened at BCYC in just the first two months of the year. Whether your interests are on the water or land, our dedicated committee members always find ways to keep our interest piqued. At each event that I have attended, I see the camaraderie and spirit that seems to set us apart. We are not only the “Friendliest Club on the Bay,” but we are the most inclusive as well. I know it is an often-used cliché, but I am quickly finding out we are truly a BCYC family, and all are welcome.

We recently hosted the Women’s Sailing Convention at which more than 200 ladies from 18 states came to BCYC to enhance their seamanship skills. I had the good fortune to spend time with many of them, and each and every one I encountered could not be more glowing with their praise for our hospitality, facilities and generosity of our members and staff in giving of their time to host this special event. Thank you all for participating, teaching and volunteering. In my estimation, no club or organization in Newport Harbor does more to promote yachting and seamanship than BCYC.

One of the longest-standing traditions of our club is Showboat. As commodore, there is a tradition (and perhaps requirement) that I participate. I now know why – the effort, dedication and talent of our membership is amazing. The amount of rehearsal time, beginning in January, is testimony to the spirit and fortitude of our membership and again, all are welcome. I am so very appreciative and admiring of the organizers, performers and volunteers who make this show come together. Make plans to attend at least one performance of Showboat, March 29-April 1.

A very special event, Commodore’s Ball, took place in February. Again, we are blessed to have so many member volunteers come together to make this such a tremendous event. Prior to the ball, the traditional cocktail parties are held at the homes of members. My special thanks to Staff Commodore Tom and Mary Madden, Barry and Ann O’Neil, and Director Rhonda Tolar, and to all their co-hosts for your hospitality at these parties, helping make the evening so memorable. This is just another indication of our BCYC family in action, the generosity and giving attitude of our members.

I look forward to the year ahead and I know whatever challenges we may face will be overcome because we are friendly, generous and inclusive.

~ Commodore Chuck Wert