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One of our most humble members is a man who always works behind the scenes. For instance, the Showboat production would not go on without his expertise in stage production and lighting. The same can be said for his unwavering commitment to the Marines and more specifically, the Home for Christmas Fund that he has championed for years. You probably now know who I am referring to: Dick Stone. Recently I received a phone call from Lt. Col Dinsmore to advise me that Dick, on behalf of BCYC, would be awarded The Spirit of Hope Award, given to individuals or organizations whose work benefits the quality of life of service members and their families. Dick was presented this prestigious award by the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon Oct. 26. On Nov. 12, from 4-6 p.m., BCYC will host a reception to recognize Dick. I hope you all will make plans to attend. We should all stand proud and, thanks to Dick, we are not only the friendliest club, we are the most patriotic as well.

Last month, I recognized our hard-working committees for all they do on behalf of our club. This month I would like to recognize our staff – without their hard work and commitment, all our plans would never come to fruition. General Manager Scott Jones is always been receptive to all our requests and has ensured no matter how crazy, he finds a way to handle it. Chef Georges Rapicault makes sure our menus are creative and satisfies our culinary appetites, whether it is for one or hundreds. We are fortunate to have Bruce Fottrell and Tasha Michalowski, our food and beverage department team. Shawncy Little, bar manager, and her group always make certain we are properly hydrated with our favorite beverage in the Columbia Room, during an event or at Clambake. Our long-time maintenance staff, Juver Garcia and Mario Nieto, are indispensable. Junior Sailing Director Cameron MacLaren and his group of coaches have put our junior sailing program at the top with record participation in the program while achieving outstanding results by our sailors. Our marina manager, Susie Brodrick, handles all the waterfront activity so things proceed without a hitch. Josefine Giani does a remarkable job as our membership coordinator, welcoming all members to BCYC. Susie, Josefine and Janna Purcell handle the club office duties. Controller Lawrence Pawlak and Dale Rivas ensure all financial items are accounted for properly. To all of you and your teams, please accept heartfelt thanks from me and our membership for your dedication and hard work on our behalf.

At our mid-year review, the question about what are we doing to address ways of reducing our club expenses was raised. I am pleased to report that as a result of recommendations from our Finance Committee, the Board of Directors authorized a substantial pay down of our mortgage and has begun the process of entering into a formalized investment program to allow our residual funds to generate more interest and thus, enhance revenue. The fiscal soundness of the club is paramount to our continued success.

“Membership is an honor, participation a privilege, and our friendships are priceless.”  – Anonymous –