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Sailing Leadership Forum

In February, Head Coach Matt Peter and I attended the biennial Sailing Leadership Forum, hosted by US Sailing. This event attracts leaders from across the country involved with the sport in every aspect imaginable. From program directors, yacht club board members, race management officials, community sailing advocates and coaches from learn-to-sail all the way up to the Olympic level, this forum covered the full spectrum. Given the choice among six unique topics during each breakout session, there was always at least one relevant session to attend. Having two BCYC representatives meant we could attend simultaneous sessions during periods when more than one interesting presentation was offered.

Some pertinent topics we covered included millennial mindsets and leveraging social media, club-owned fleets, growth strategies for younger members, collaboration among racing organizations, junior program safety from docks to documents…and that was just the first day! There was also time between sessions to meet our counterparts from other regions of the country to share best practices and tips. Simply asking a question during the Junior Big Boat presentation prompted a fellow director from out of state to come over to me afterwards and share a lead on where to potentially find the keelboats we’re looking to bring to BCYC.

The Leadership Forum is the only place where you can find this level of coast-to-coast collaboration under one roof. We were pleased to be a part of it this year and look forward to implementing some of the fantastic ideas we brought back from this event.

Junior Sailing Director
Cameron MacLaren