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Sojourn Finale

As I write my final article on our Commodore’s Cruise to the wine country in France, the word sojourn comes to mind because of its special meaning, defined as wonderful journey. For Lynn and me, that has been what this entire year has been, a wonderful journey filled with good times and lasting memories.

On land, we traveled to the Sonoma Valley wine country for the Commodore’s Ball. Soon after, we were in The Big Easy (New Orleans) for Showboat 2017. Then James Bond paid us a visit in the LLS Gala, and if that was not enough, we were in Italy for Tuscany on the Terrace, replete with gondolas. Amazingly, all this happened without ever leaving our beautiful BCYC property.

At sea, we began the journey land-locked in the desert, then cruised to Avalon, the Isthmus, enjoyed Camp Clambake at Cat Harbor, and then established a new tradition, traveling to Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands on our Adventure Cruise. We actually had a chance to use our anchors – imagine that.

I have previously shared our appreciation and thanks to all our committees and member volunteers because their hard work, commitment, dedication and attention to detail ensured the success of this busy schedule. To facilitate this active program, our staff met every challenge with enthusiasm, helping to make it all come together. Thank you all for a job well done. We are deeply indebted to all you for your commitment.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the BCYC Board of Directors, who accomplished so much this year for all of our benefit. We now have a Mission Statement and a Strategic Plan, which provides a blueprint for the future success of the club. More importantly, we now have a committee that is charged with making sure this document is kept active and modified to fit our changing times. The Board of Directors also approved a payment to reduce our mortgage and then implemented an investment program that will allow a far better return on the residual cash. I am so grateful for all their hard work, support and dedication to ensure our club is financially responsible and operates in the best interests of the entire membership.

I will end this with an observation that I shared with many of you earlier this year:

  • We are a club that is inclusive as opposed to exclusive
  • We give because we can
  • We care for one another because that is who we are

For Lynn and me, this was an experience of a lifetime and we now will be looking forward to our future BCYC sojourns.

Commodore, Chuck Wert