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Spirit of Hope Award

As I write this during the Veteran’s Day weekend, I am reminded of the different expressions of support for our service members. One expression of support, “Thank you for your service,” is fine, and welcome, but it pales in comparison to the other level of support that is frankly more meaningful.

The other level of support is one that runs in the blood of every member of BCYC, and is reflected in the family that exists in this club. It feels something like the love that I personally have for every Marine who I come in contact with. Over a lifetime of service in the Marine Corps, I have arrived at the point where I can intuitively pick out Marines from among people I see every day in the community. And when I see them, I am overcome with love for them, and the desire, built into my heart over so many years, to care for them whenever I have the chance.

Sometimes, when I think of this feeling, I wonder if there are others who feel the same way, or if I am just being sentimental. When I come to BCYC, and I meet the members of this club, I have my answer. I know this family feels the same and demonstrates that higher level of support for our Marines that reflects a love that runs in your veins.

This knowledge is what drove the Marines of our battalion to nominate the Home for Christmas Fund, and Dick Stone as its representative, for the DOD Spirit of Hope Award. The Spirit of Hope is named after Bob Hope and his lifetime of service with the USO, and is presented to the organization of each military service that represents a selfless dedication to our service members.

– Lt. Col. Jeffrey Dinsmore, CO 1st Radio Battalion –