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Thanks again!

Everyone on The Gala team is very proud of the results of the second annual event (September, 2017) and we are so very grateful to everyone who provided support. BCYC members, management and staff, donors and volunteers came together in so many ways to make The Sailing Foundation fundraiser a great success! Already, the foundation has made multiple grants within the sailing community, due in large part, to the success of The Gala. It has also granted approval to make important purchases for the betterment of BCYC sailing programs, such as mainsails and a jib for BCYC’s Harbor 20, Ruthless, a new sabot trailer, some new sabot dollies, a FEVA sailboat for the BCYC fleet, and some new equipment for the BCYC Race Committee. This is only possible thanks to all the support for The Gala.

As we begin to plan The Gala 2018, we extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to Secretary Rhonda Tolar for her amazing efforts, devotion and vision for this annual fundraiser. Rhonda paid attention to every detail and was never without fresh, new ideas for the event. The Gala has truly been a success because of her dedication. We will miss her active participation on the team, but will carry her vision forward.

Lauri Moffett has agreed to step in as a co-chair with Ramsey Johansson and Kari Konapelsky. The whole team is very excited to get to work organizing the 2018 event, scheduled for Sept. 22. We hope you will join us!

– Ramsey Johansson, Kari Konapelsky, Lauri Moffett – The Gala Co-Chairs –