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The Improvements!

Many new visual, as well as unseen, improvements have taken place the last few months at BCYC. After some unforeseen delays, the new carpet has finally been installed. The design and colors (thank you Kari Konapelsky and Staff Commodore Karen Winnett) add a rich warmth to our Columbia Room and the main floor.

The remodel work in the Card Room/Library continues with new insulation in the attic and soon-to-be added LED accent cove lighting. All of this will improve usage and comfort. We have removed some antiquated (get ready for it) original swamp cooler ducting and pipes from the 1950s. The goal of the House Committee — having the Library as a member sanctuary — continues to evolve with the new paneled fireplace and granite hearth. New book cases will follow, as well as visual and sound systems.

Meanwhile, with outstanding contributions by Rebecca Corbin, Marianne Homer and Teri Leigh, the pool area transformation continues, due in large part to the very successful pool wall tile program. If you have not purchased a tile for your family, see one of these ladies and buy a tile. Go down to the pool and see the new, colorful pool landscape and palm trees, as well as the new table tops. Finally, a fire pit will be installed soon, along with furniture, to make the outdoor experience more fun.

I would like to thank the House Committee team. They have worked hard to make BCYC more beautiful and have brought great ideas to the table.