It is difficult to believe this is my last article for The Masthead. January and February began as any other year, then March and April slowed to a crawl with COVID-19 taking center stage in our lives. As we settled into the routine of the limitations the virus caused, time resumed its new-normal pace. And throughout every change and hurdle put in front of us, BCYC adjusted and made the best of the situation. 

The only way that was possible was because the staff was creative and willing to try new menus and procedures, and members supported each effort the club made to stay viable. Committees stayed engaged and everyone learned to Zoom whether we wanted to or not! Thank you just does not capture my appreciation for each of you. You made this year successful for BCYC. 

During this holiday season, embrace what we have with family and friends. Gatherings may look different, but the true spirit of the season is more important than ever. Those are cliched sayings, but they have become cliched for a reason – they are true. 

Merci, vielen dank, arigato gozaimasu, gamsahabnida, gratias tibi, gracias, tack, cam on ban.

It has been an honor and a privilege serving as your commodore this year. Thank you.

Commodore, Ginny Lombardi