Julius Caesar was behind the origin of leap year in 45 BC. The early Romans had a 355-day calendar and to keep festivals occurring around the same season each year, a 22- or 23-day month was created every second year. He decided to simplify things and added days to different months of the year to create the 365-day calendar. Every fourth year following the 28th day of Februarius, one day was added, making every fourth year a leap year.

2020 starts off with the Angelman Series…three ocean races sailed over three months. For beginning racers, this race is all about longer distances between turning marks, a chance to lean back a bit and enjoy the coastal views.

SCYA’s Midwinter Regatta, Feb. 15-16, is two days (Saturday and Sunday) of windward/leeward racing for Harbor 20s. After eight races, the winner is announced and everyone goes home exhausted. Sounds like fun, right?

Be sure to mark your calendar for the longest-running BCYC race, the Bogart Series March 21-22. Sail to Avalon on Saturday, spend the night, and sail back on Sunday. Simply a lot of fun!

Finally, my annual request for a few good people to join Race Committee. If you like being on a boat and watching a race from a front row seat, contact me.

Sail Fleet Captain, Paul DeCapua