I was thinking about watching your cast and crew put on that amazing show last night (Showboat) and enjoyed our conversation afterward about what is so important about the show, and the selfless cast that gave their time, talent and treasure to make it happen.
The truth is, we live in Southern California. There are thousands of entertainment options at everyone’s fingertips. Even tonight, the average SoCal resident is honoring a little-known patron saint, hanging out with people they may or may not know well, drinking green beer. All fun I’m sure, but most entertainment options tonight do not revolve around family.

Yours does. The people who have come to the show are here to spend time with your cast — their family. They are watching proudly, with the knowledge and appreciation of the months of work you have put in. Your choice to participate in the show, many months ago, meets their choice to be here tonight, lifting you up with their laughter and applause.

That is what uniquely marks this endeavor. There is always a moment where the cast and audience are in perfect sync. It is hard to achieve this in a professional theater setting. There is, however, an intangible element of the cast-audience interaction of this show that makes it easy to achieve here at BCYC. This is your family, your community, and the cast’s powerful performance meets the audience’s authentic acclaim, for a memorable entertainment experience that no one can replicate with green beer and some Irish drinking songs.

Thanks for a great show last night, and to you and your great cast, break a leg tonight.

Lt. Col. Jeff Dinsmore (USMC)