Clambake Safari is now in the books and WOW, what a huge success it was! Thirty boats ventured to Catalina for this wild safari cruise and a great time was had by all. The weather was great, the food was fabulous (hamburgers, bratwurst, clams, crab legs, steak, mahi mahi and much more) and we had a very enthusiastic group of members and friends. A special thanks to Rear Commodore Rhonda Tolar for her expert safari decorating skills and Connie O’Connor for providing us with endless hours of dance music! Many thanks to our staff for packing, moving, storing, cooking and serving us all weekend. The games were spirited and fun, and the costumes were wild. Below are the results of all the activities.

Jenga – Tim Devine-1st, Maureen Lewis-2nd, Neilia LaValle-3rd

Corn Hole – S/C Don Willet and Leila Lewis-1st, Bill Gaita and Ronda Rolnicki-2nd

Kite flying – Neilia LaValle-highest, Rebecca Mote-prettiest, Wendell Maberry-best effort

Appetizer Contest – Buchanan clan for Hippo Tagine-best taste

                               R/C Rhonda Tolar for Monkey Brains-best theme

                               Nancy Bryant for Snake in the Grass-most adventurous

Build-a-boat race – Fastest/furthest: Neilia LaValle-1st, Fraser Fisher-2nd, Wendell Maberry-3rd

                              Best theme: Rose Henigman

                              Most original design: Ally Foster and Rob Archibald

                              Chanticleer award: Dave and Deborah Lis

                              Winning with NO idea what the rules were: Bill Gaita

Dinghy Unscramble – Granbery and Buchanan dinghy-tied for 1st

Costume contest – Dave and Eddie Austin-1st,

Wendell and Barbara Maberry-2nd,

John and  Maureen Lewis-3rd

Thanks to all for making Clambake Safari a huge success!

We have several more cruises planned while the weather is still good. Next up is the Isthmus Cruise, Sept. 27-29. For this cruise we will be heading to Margaritaville., enjoying a cocktail party at the Isthmus Yacht Club. This Civil War-era clubhouse was originally built in 1865 as Union Army barracks and has a very colorful history. Any trip to Margaritaville would not be complete without a little competition to see who can make the best margarita and guacamole. Add some Jimmy Buffet music to the mix, a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops – this cruise will be great fun. Don’t forget to bring your shaker of salt! Signup has already begun, so call the club or sign up online.

As always, if you want to help plan some BCYC cruises, please join us on the first Wednesday of every month at the club at 7:15 p.m., or call Ronda Rolnicki (714-404-3633). We welcome all ideas and suggestions.

Cruising, Lauri Moffett and Ronda Rolnicki