Camp Corinthian registration opened in March. Last year was quite the challenge for our Junior Sailing Director Aubrey Mayer, Head Coach Christophe Killian and General Manager Scott Jones. They spent many hours planning a safe and successful summer program. After all the great planning and preparation from last year, this year should be much less stressful. A big thank you to all the members for your cooperation and support that allowed the program to use the back corner of the parking lot. This allowed for a safe Camp Corinthian.

Our Taco Tuesday racing series, complete with an amazing Mexican buffet, begins its 13th consecutive year of a very popular event May 11. This is open to members and racers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we ran 14 of the scheduled 18 races in 2020. We had an outstanding number of racers out every Tuesday, while attendance at the after-party was down significantly. We look forward to the start of TT 2021 and will follow all safety protocols as we continue to deal with the ramifications of the pandemic.  

Thank you to all our members who support and donate to BSRA, the BCYC Sailing Foundation. Your contributions help in so many ways, including our sailing programs, kids in our community needing help with funds to race and providing our club with great assets. Two of these assets are Ventus (J22) and the new Quest sail boat. Along with Ruthless (Harbor 20), these boats are used in our sailing programs and are also available for our members to check out and go sailing. Contact Waterfront Manager Debbie Dunne about using these boats. The J22 will be out racing Monday nights in the American Legion Yacht Club races and every Taco Tuesday. For any members who would like to learn about sailboat racing, please contact me and I will get you a date to go out sailing with a qualified skipper.

The race, to Avalon on Saturday and back to Newport on Sunday, was canceled this year to allow us to keep our Race Committee safe. Therefore, some of our local racers decided to have a similar race on their own, with 10 boats at the starting line for a pursuit race to Avalon on Saturday. Russell Grant and I went to Avalon on my boat and ran Race Committee start duties for the race home. This event was organized by our Distinguished Racing Member Dan Rosen, who is also president of the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet SoCal (PHRF). Thank you, Dan, for putting this together. The racers were all happy to be out on the water and racing again with great weather and wind. 

I am looking forward to our upcoming summer of racing, sailing and cruising. 

Rhonda Tolar, Commodore