It is nice to see multiple generations of BCYC members continue our sailing traditions. We have BCYC members, active for years at the club, with kids who grew up on their family’s boat cruising monthly on club cruises and to Avalon. Their kids are now active at the club and continuing this tradition. And their grandkids are sailing and racing at the club too! It is so wonderful to see these BCYC traditions being passed down from generation to generation. We love to watch our grandchildren’s happy faces as they learn to sail in our Junior Sailing Program.

Not all of our members are sailors with a history of participating in junior sailing, high school, college or PHRF racing, but what is nice is that our power boaters and sailors all get along, appreciate, support and have fun together. This is why we are known as “The Friendliest Yacht Club on the Harbor.” Our BCYC families support the Junior Sailing Program every year. This past summer, grandparents and parents continued this sailing tradition by supporting our coaches, staff, children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews from afar, while the kids were able to enjoy our waterfront’s amazing facility and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These kids are our future. Continue this tradition and get your whole family to participate in our on-the-water activities. Bring your kids and grandkids. Even if you don’t own a boat, you can still participate in most of the BCYC activities by driving or taking a ferry to our events. This is what a yacht club is all about – sailing, cruising and enjoying each other’s company.  

Nancy and I are looking forward to seeing you and enjoying our club together. Happy sailing!

Barry Levy, Staff Commodore, 2004