Spring is in the air! Along with spring comes more time on the water and more water-based activities. The Desert Land Cruise is ongoing as you read this. Next on the club’s calendar for March is the Weiss Race Series #1, Angelman Race #2 and the Bogart Race. Junior spring sailing begins on March 15, with a Junior Parent Mixer that night.

Early April takes us on the Shoreline Yacht Club cruise, an easy drive up the coast from BCYC; fill your car (or boat) with friends and have a nice weekend away. We also host the Weiss Race Series #2 on the first Sunday of April.

The Sailing Convention for Woman, hosted by BCYC Feb. 2, saw 225 women learning about boating, from navigation to understanding marine weather forecasts. During the storm that day, with strong winds and waves in our marina, I was reminded how we take care of each other. Members, staff, management and guests took care of our boats and marina. A cleat pulled out boards from a dock and was immediately replaced and the boat secured; lines frayed and were in danger of breaking; people took extra lines from their boats when needed; canvas covers were tied down; numerous lines retied.

BCYC had 10 guest boats in the marina for the convention that day – no one stayed away because of the nasty weather forecasted. However, because of the severity of the storm, none of the on-the-water classes took place, but I did not hear any complaints from participants. They were grateful for the experience of being safely educated and seeing how awesome and powerful Mother Nature can be.

Be prepared: at home, on the road and on the water; safety first for you, your family and pets, and the people around you. Start now so you will be ready for summer boating season.

Vice Commodore, Ginny Lombardi