The summer months are behind us now and fall is on the way. BCYC had very successful activities this summer; one of which was Camp Corinthian, the junior sailing program. More than 100 sailors participated for a full six weeks in the best program in the harbor. Under the direction of Sailing Director Aubrey Mayer and his staff of teachers and coaches, the club was full of boats and sailors every day. The only difference from years past is everyone was wearing a mask. Congratulations to all who participated – well done!

The Gala wine event was a successful evening on the Compass Rose with music by Tim Whelen and organized by Kelly Brennan and Ramsey Johansson. The cheese plates were excellent. Thank you, Kelly and Ramsey, for your hard work on this event. Don’t forget The Gala auction is scheduled for Sept. 12. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Catalina opened up and members enjoyed the Isthmus cruise. Thanks to Ronda and Secretary Rolf Rolnicki for organizing this relaxing event. 

Several other events are scheduled for August, including Closing Night and Opening Day, and the Las Commodoras Tea Party. At the time of writing this article, those events have not happened yet and I am looking forward to them!

The word grateful comes to mind when I think of our club, members and staff. Everyone has pitched in to work out problems on a daily basis. Office staff cheerfully and competently assist members on the phone and in person. Members have been flexible in adjusting reservations when needed and the BCYC service staff is getting their steps in (and stairs) with the outdoor dining arrangement. I have noticed people staying for a while after finishing their meal, truly enjoying their time at the club, not wanting to leave. They are grateful to be here and that feeling lingers in the air. 

Thank you for making BCYC a home away from home!

Commodore, Ginny Lombardi