The BCYC boat christening ceremony, the afternoon of April 11, will make you and your boat part of a nautical tradition rooted in ancient times.

Whether you own a small fishing boat, sailboat or a larger yacht — she’s new to you or just renamed — a christening ceremony is a fun way to welcome your boat to the BCYC family, celebrate with friends and inspire a lifetime of adventures on the water. To christen your boat, you will need: 

·      BCYC friends to join in the ceremony

·      Your boat in the BCYC marina

·      A branch of green leaves

·      A pre-scored christening bottle with containment bag (to break on the boat)

·      Red wine, champagne or sparkling cider (to drink)

·      A name for your boat

Christening a boat is a fun, social event that should be enjoyed among a close circle of friends. The traditional drink during a christening is red wine, used to make a sacrifice to the sea gods and to celebrate with a toast. A branch full of green leaves symbolizes safe returns. The leaves only need to be on the boat for the christening and maiden voyage.

Modern christening ceremonies consist of saying a few words about the boat, toasting to the honor of the new boat's name, and then the owner breaking a bottle of champagne against the boat's bow—or pouring the contents onto the bow. The BCYC christening master will preside. Contact EB Barden ( with questions or for more information.