By the time you read this, Cinco de Marcho will only be a faint blur in our memories…but hope springs eternal, because St. Patrick’s Day is March 17. Green cerveza, anybody?

Of course, March is also the month when one of BCYC’s longest-running race series will again take place (March 23-24). We particularly like this race because we get to spend the night in a faraway, exotic locale…Avalon. And we get to let our hair down – those of us who still have hair. And we get to tell tall tales about the “crossing,” all easily believed since nobody was around to take pictures. Finally, for those who absolutely, positively have to be ashore before dark, we allow motor use, with the obvious impact on corrected time. So, if you want to sail hard and party harder, sign up for the Bogart Series today.

March is also the start of the Lorin Weiss Series. Another long-running favorite, this time racing inside the harbor with a large fleet of Harbor 20s. Unlike ocean racing, short distance windward/leeward legs mean tight competition and close-in “discussions” about right-of-way at a mark. These races are really exciting to watch and even better when you participate.

Although we are still a few months away from the start of Taco Tuesdays, consider using the Skipper/Crew forum to find a boat or crew for the 16-week series. The forum works – go to the Racing tab on the BCYC website.

Race Committee is always looking for a few good people. Contact us now!

Sail Fleet Captains, Don White and Paul DeCapua