This month, I am featuring the Membership Committee, chaired by Secretary Cleve Sproule. Cleve has done a wonderful job this year. Having served as chair of this committee last year, I can attest to the fact that this is an extremely fun committee to be part of.

The membership process usually begins by the potential new member(s) being introduced to BCYC through another member, a friend, or just having heard about the club and walking in. After meeting the front office staff, they are usually introduced to Waterfront Manager Debbie Dunn, who provides them with a membership application and a tour of our facilities and the marina. Assuming they now wish to join BCYC (and frankly who wouldn't?), a membership interview is scheduled. 

The interview team usually consists of the Membership Committee chair, plus one to four other Regular Flag members. This process allows us to get to know the potential new member(s) and provides them the opportunity to get to know (and ask?) about BCYC. The interview process spends time delving into the likes and expectations of new members, as well as what the club has to offer, and what the club expects from them. Joining a committee is encouraged, absolutely the best way to get to know other club members and get the most out of BCYC.

After the interview is complete, the membership chair makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors for admission, and then vote on the applicant. After approved by the board, their picture is posted on the membership bulletin board for a period of two weeks and, assuming there are no objections to membership, the new member then becomes a Regular Flag member. 

Now that you remember the process that we all went through, contact Cleve, and join the Membership Committee. I guarantee you will have lots of fun and be one of the first to meet all the new members. 

Rolf Rolnicki, Rear Commodore