Although there are many activities and committees to join at BCYC, arguably one of the most important may be the Membership Committee. Without membership, where would we be? The Membership Committee is one of the first contacts new members make and we always try to live up to our motto of being the "friendliest club on the bay." The club office receives the initial application for membership and is followed by a membership interview. During interviews with potential members, we discuss interests and expectations of BCYC, as well as what the club expects from its members – get involved and enrich the club experience. As this pandemic continues, it has been especially difficult to reach out to meet with new members and to continue our efforts to attract new members. In order to keep our membership committee vital and ever-engaging, we invite YOU to come and join us on the committee. Your thoughts and ideas on how to attract and maintain members are very welcome. 

Welcome new members: Steven and Wendy Fink, Greg Morrison, Scott Porter, and Tony and Charlene Stahl. Steven and Wendy are not new to the club as Steven is a long-time racer, first visiting the club in 1973, and has competed in several Taco Tuesday races. Greg has run multi-national companies and is a retired CPA. Scott plays drums in his band, and is an avid racer, already very active on the Race Committee. Tony and Charlene own a supplement and vitamin company, and became involved in BCYC through their son, Landon, who participated in races sponsored by BCYC and is a JFlag member. Welcome to all!

Membership, Rolf Rolnicki