Yacht club activities continue to ramp up after a wonderful holiday season. The lights on our club and boats are down and our engines and sails have come to life again. Super Bowl parties are done and some of our biggest club events have happened or are in the planning stages.

Once again, we hosted 225 ladies during the Women’s Sailing Convention. Conditions were less than perfect, with heavy rain and wind at 25-40 knots. At 8 a.m. I welcomed organizers, instructors and participants. Many were surprised to see me in my blue blazer and shorts, opening the front door and greeting each person. Believe me, the pleasure was all mine. Everyone came prepared for the day with big smiles and anticipation. That evening, when they were leaving, many expressed their thanks for our hospitality, facilities and helpful members and staff.

The Commodore’s Ball was another fantastic event! Pre-parties kicked off the evening at the homes of the Fortmullers, Maddens and Tolars. We owe special thanks to these members and their co-hosts: Delaneys, Fishers, Konapelskys, Rapps, Rolnickis, Sachs, Winnett and Werts. The flag officers and partners were privileged to travel by a limo-bus to each home, where we toasted the evening and had the opportunity to say hello to each guest. With family and friends, we enjoyed a great dinner prepared by Chef Georges Rapicault and his staff. Thanks to Staff Commodores Levy and Wert for their introductions and program. The ball celebrates not only the current commodore, but all past commodores as well. I am honored to have the privilege of being in such great company.

Ball co-chairs Susan Barden, Kari Konapelsky and Lauri Moffett (and their team of helpers) had the event planned from beginning to end. Thank you all for an unforgettable evening.

Showboat is coming and as commodore, I get to be in the show! This is another position I share with this year’s cast and almost every past commodore. Practices began in January and will continue until showtime, March 27-30. Make your reservations early, as we anticipate a sold-out show.

I look forward to the many months ahead and the challenges our current board, chair-persons and staff will face. For the first time in recent years, we will again host the Newport to Ensenada Race send-off party April 25. If you want to help or just come to the party, please put it on your calendar. See you on the water or at the club.

Commodore, Steve Moffett