This month, I will focus on our Food and Beverage Committee which is chaired by Michael and Nancy Means. They, together with our General Manager Scott Jones and Chef Georges Rapicault, comprise our very own F and B team. Monthly, the committee reviews all sales numbers from the previous month for food and alcohol/beer sales, by both brand and product, to determine what is and isn't popular. Based on these analyses, product purchases can be adjusted to fit the needs of our membership. In addition, members can provide suggestions, raise concerns or questions, and discuss menu changes at these meetings. Of course, every now and then, the committee must sample new products or beverages when changes are made or when vendors replace a particular menu item (those are definitely the times you would want to attend these meetings).

So, you would think all of that is enough to keep this committee busy for the month – you would be wrong because there is more. They also work to create specialty dining events, such as Sunday Night Supper and Pop-Up Signature Dining. They assist with room setup and decor for such special events as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Taco Tuesday, Friday Family Night and other occasions that may be planned by the Activities Committee. All I can say is, if you love food (and who doesn't), you really should join this committee.

Rolf Rolnicki, Rear Commodore