Unlike other BCYC groups, Race Committee’s year runs from September through August to allow the current and/or incoming staff time to effectively plan for the new racing year.

PHRF racing continues to present a challenge with dwindling participation. We are in the process of surveying the racer base to determine the best schedule for 2020. Your input is welcome.

In the meantime, we still have a few more races to run and we hope all BCYC racers will join in – let’s close the year with a BANG!

The Wild Sailing Regatta, scheduled for September, October and November is sure to repeat its “wild” success. The inaugural series began in 2018 with strong winds and competitive skippers. This is racing as it should be.

Finally, the world-famous Hot Rum Series kicks off in November. Race #1 always features the pirate costume contest with a bottle of our best grog going to the winner.

Visit the BCYC Racing website for more details and to sign up for one (or all) of our races.

Sail Fleet Captains, Don White and Paul DeCapua