From Staycations to the Compass Rose Concert Series, summer was very active at BCYC. When Catalina opened up to boaters, many of us spent as much time there as possible. What a relief being able to get away either at the club or on a boat. Outdoor dining provided small group gatherings, as well as members being able to bring friends to the club again. The Gala was very successful thanks to the hard work and long hours Kelly Brennen and Ramsey Johansson dedicated to the event. Thank you, Kelly and Ramsey, and thanks to those who supported this important fund raiser for BSRA.

Other memorable summer events were Kentucky Derby Day at the Races, thanks to the combined efforts of Las Commodoras and the Activities and Cruise Committees. The Junior Staff Commodore’s Cruise to Catalina, which included time in Avalon and at the Isthmus, was a welcome relief after the extreme heat wave we experienced in Southern California. And, record numbers of boats raced inside and outside the harbor weekly.

October brings more racing and events, including the Las Commodoras Dog Show and Oktoberfest, Avalon cruise, fishing tournament and Halloween. Participate where and when you feel comfortable. Outdoor dining is very popular with face coverings and social distancing still in place. If you were not aware of the set up for buffets, such as Prime Rib Night and Omelet Express, the served buffet line is inside and you eat on the mid-patio, Compass Rose or pool patio. This is working very well for everyone. BCYC is now able to offer limited seating for indoor dining as well.

If you have a special event you want to host, consider BCYC and talk with the club Food and Beverage staff for details and arrangements. As you know BCYC is a great place to entertain and can hold small gatherings, but in a big way! I mentioned in an earlier letter that December has been our “profit month” with boat parade-related activities. The Christmas Boat Parade is still planned, but we anticipate the number of people we can accommodate will be half or less. The club can benefit from any special events you will host through the end of the year. Your support is always appreciated!

If you have not returned to BCYC yet, consider dropping by at a slower time. Contact the club office and our staff will make you as comfortable as possible at any time. We miss you and hope to see you soon.

Commodore, Ginny Lombardi