The Chili Cook-Off started the day at the July County Fair Staycation. There were 10 tasty entries and they were all winners! That evening featured the Beach Boys at the Endless Summer Lounge Night. OK, it wasn’t THE Beach Boys, it was the Nocturnes playing our favorite songs. They really brought us back to the sounds of the 60s.

Speaking of the 60s, the Jubilee Birthday Bash had us “Feelin’ Groovy” as we listened to Motorboat in the Banquet Room, and Hot Club de Bop on the Compass Rose. Just more Good Times…

Next up is The Voice of BCYC Karaoke Night Sept. 1. Who will win the 2018 Voice of BCYC? Be sure to make your reservation so you can vote. I am telling all my friends, “Don’t make me yell, I am saving my voice for BCYC Karaoke Night.”

Scary times are just around the corner. Halloween is almost here, so watch for more information soon.

We want to see YOU at our next Activities Committee meeting. Help us plan more fun!


Mark Arizmendi, Susan Barden and Cleve Sproule