The weather has been so nice, and I am sure everyone, like me, is thinking that is time to go cruising. And, yes, it is! 

The next cruise on our calendar is the Isthmus Cruise, scheduled for June 26-28. This part of the island has just recently opened for visitors and we are excited and ready to go. The sites, which include Isthmus Cove, Cat Harbor, Fourth of July Cove, Cherry Cove, Hen Rock, White’s Landing, Moonstone, Emerald Bay, Howland’s Landing, Little Geiger and Buttonshell will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We will venture to the Isthmus as planned. However, this cruise will be handled differently. We will continue to be vigilant and safe, wear masks as necessary (currently required onshore), and not plan any large gatherings at this time. Currently, the restaurant and bar are open for takeout only. This means you must call in your order, go ashore to pick it up, and take it back to your vessel. Conditions could change by the end of June so we will wait and see how the situation develops and determine what activities, if any, we can plan. So, let’s just call this cruise the “play it by ear” cruise.

You might ask, what does “play it by ear” mean and where does it come from? This phrase initially referred to playing music without the use of printed notation. A person who played music without the use of sheet music was playing music by utilizing their God-given gifts. Today this phrase means to “handle a situation in an impromptu manner.”

We will continue to be in contact with the authorities in Catalina, and as soon as we know any more details, we will let you know. Stay tuned to all BCYC eblasts, your email, and your phone because, as we have all been experiencing, things are changing daily and we will “play it by ear.”

Cruising, Rolf and Ronda Rolnicki