May 27, 2020

Dear Members,

Memorial Day weekend was a perfect time to be at BCYC. The weather was beautiful, people were relaxed and happy, enjoying time together. Several boats went to Catalina and others did harbor cruises. On the patios, everyone bussed their own tables and sanitized them before leaving. Thank you! I do not think it could have been better.

Today, we start a new phase of opening up the club. We will be able to dine inside, with guidelines, as well as dine outside with the club’s take-out food and beverage. As we staff-up over the next few weeks the club will be able to open more rooms for members. 

Taco Tuesday races will begin in June. The awards after-party is being discussed, when to start and how to manage it under the guidelines – more to follow on those decisions.

I am looking forward to this week as the club welcomes members back. We will learn each day how to make the next day better for you. When you are ready to return to BCYC, BCYC will be ready too.

My sincere thanks to you for your patience, understanding and cooperation during this unique time in our lives. 

Stay safe.

Ginny Lombardi, Commodore