Looking at the second half of 2020, BCYC is going to be VERY busy! Opening Day and Showboat have been rescheduled, as well as other events, and some events have been cancelled. Look for a new calendar later this month in print and/or online. I have learned to use a pencil with a big eraser for my date book (which has no “dates” in it, only events).

The Members Only policy may be in effect for some future events. We need to reconnect with each other and take time to make new BCYC friends. The COVID-19 journey we have travelled together separately has taught me to appreciate what I have at BCYC and how much I miss being in this unique and peaceful setting. Some people tell me they can’t wait for everything to return back to the way things were; others say they hope it will be a little different – less to do and more quality time with each other.

Whatever your wish is for BCYC, come back when you are ready, engage with old and new friends, try a new menu item, attend something different, pick a project you want to support, sit in the sun and listen to the sounds of the harbor. We are so fortunate to have BCYC in our lives.

Thank you, members and staff, for your support during this time. I am so fortunate to have been on this team during this journey. I sincerely appreciate each of you.

Commodore, Ginny Lombardi