Summer is in full swing at BCYC. It started the first weekend in June with the Balboa Island parade in which BCYC entered a winning Hobby Horse Drill Team. Thank you to the Barden Family for organizing our entry into this unique event: EB, Susan and captain/choreographer Rich.

The same weekend, BCYC hosted the fundraising PHRF and Junior races for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, “Race for the Cure.” The presenting sponsor, Hot Ticket Racing, donated $30,000; thank you Jeff Burch! And a big thank you to the team of Connie and Ted O’Connor, who raised $32,000!

The second weekend in June presented a “first” for BCYC with the Wooden Boat Parade sailing/motoring past the club during Sunday morning brunch. What a great view for everyone attending the Omelet Express that day!

Father’s Day activities filled the third weekend in June. The Activities Committee did a great job organizing the brunch, art and car shows (did you see the airplane?). Thank you to Susan Barden, Cleve Sproule and Mark Arizmendi, and their committee for a fun-filled day!

Taco Tuesday is another sign that summer is in full swing at BCYC. The Mexican buffet is excellent, affordable and the atmosphere is festive. Whether you race or not, arrive early, enjoy the buffet and watch the racers come in. Most of the time they have stories to share. Thank you to Secretary Rhonda Tolar for your continued hard work setting up and organizing this event each week.

In closing, I recently observed an American flag flying in our marina, a design I had not seen before. It had a blue stripe in place of one of the white stripes. I asked others about it and discovered it was flying on Bob and Joan Sachs’s boat, Kahala. Bob explained to me the “Thin Blue Line” or stripe represented police officers and law enforcement, his former career. I proceeded to do an internet search on this topic and was surprised to discover numerous variations of the American flag, different colors of stripes and what the colors represent. Another lesson learned on my journey at BCYC.

Rear Commodore, Ginny Lombardi