In September, 13 boats filled with 28 BCYC members motored or sailed over to Catalina for the Junior Staff Commodore Cruise. We enjoyed four beautiful days on our boats and water toys in one of the prettiest harbors in southern California. We had dinghy raft-ups complete with yummy appetizers and crafty cocktails while still staying socially distanced. This was a great way to visit and connect with each other. A few went ashore for a romantic dinner on the sand, al fresco, at Steve’s Steakhouse. With the warm weather, many of us had to cool off by jumping in the ocean – the water was still very warm. I believe that late September and October are the best months to visit Catalina. One valuable lesson learned this weekend was never, and I mean never, leave your garbage on the back of your boat overnight. You may very well wake up in the morning and find a bigger mess than you can imagine. Thanks to Lauri and Junior Staff Commodore Steve Moffett for putting together an awesome cruise!

Our final trip in 2020 was a late-October cruise back to Avalon. There will be stories and pictures of this adventure in the December issue of The Masthead. BCYC cruisers were able to spend quality time on their boats while dealing with the restrictions related to COVID-19 this year. 

Cruising, Rolf and Ronda Rolnicki