Our ships set sail for a three-day tour and “set ground on the shore of the charted isle” (from the Gilligan’s Island theme song), Catalina, where we all got shipwrecked together and had great fun at S.S. Clambake-Gilligan’s Island style. It was a fantastic weekend.

We survived on Buffalo Milk, Mai Tais and delicious food prepared by our own staff. Then we celebrated the night away with special music provided by our live band, Rob and Scotty. What a treat to have live music at Clambake!

We played a lot of games/activities, including kite flying, corn hole (aka bean bag toss), bunco, appetizer contest, costume contest and the much-anticipated build-a-boat race. The winners for each event are:

Corn Hole- 1st Place – Lori Buchanan and Al Gussin

                   2nd Place – Darlena Davis and Jong Davis

Kite Flying – 1st Place – Neilia LaValle

                     2nd Place – Larry Fortmuller

Appetizer Contest (which had to include pineapple)

                  1st Place – Commodore Rhonda Tolar

                  2nd Place – Buchanan and Morris

Build-a-Boat Race – Stock 1st Place – Jen Pfeiffer-Morris and Kell Morris

                              2nd Place – Staff Commodore Ginny Lombardi and friend Carmi

                              Honorable mention – Zarrin Flowers and Colin Granbery

                              Unlimited 1st Place – Terry and Alan Schneider

                              2nd Place – Russell Grant (two second places?)

Costume Contest – Best Gilligan – Trey Fortmuller 

                           Best Skipper – Commodore Rhonda Tolar

                           Best Mary Ann – Brie Fortmuller

                           Best Ginger – Ronda Rolnicki

                           Best Mr. and Mr. Thurston Howell III – Larry and Pam Fortmuller

Congratulations to all!

A big thank you to John McDonald for again providing the build-a-boat kits, and EB Barden for supplying some of the prizes awarded this year. Also, thank you to all who came to help set up camp and take down! But most of all, we need to thank our staff (General Manager Scott Jones, Bar Manager Shawncy Little, Tommy Munro, Chef Georges Rapicault) for packing, transporting, lifting, unpacking, preparing and cooking all the food and drinks for the entire weekend. We appreciate you so much!

We look forward to seeing everyone on our next cruise to Avalon on Sept. 24-26.