Hello all BCYC cruisers! We hope this finds you safe, healthy and not going stir-crazy while we are all staying at home. These are unsettling and unprecedented times, but one thing is certain – BCYC members are a resilient group and we will bounce back even stronger than before.

As you know, our cruise to Las Vegas was postponed. Please be sure to cancel your hotel reservation if you had made one. We will definitely reschedule this cruise for a future date, so stay tuned.

The Dana Point cruise, scheduled for May 29-31, has also been postponed. If you made a reservation for a guest slip, please make sure to cancel your reservation. Simply go to Dockwa.com and enter the Marina at Dana Point to find your reservation. We will reschedule this cruise, so again, stay tuned.

Since we are all staying at home sitting in front of our computers, I thought it would be a good idea to play a little game. This way, I will know who is actually reading this article and will provide us with a little bit of fun. So here goes:

1.    Name a boat presentlyin our marina that starts with the letter T.

2.    What is the first and last name of one of our currentstaff at BCYC? 

3.    Name one member who joined BCYC in 2019. Now call that person and find out what their favorite food is.

4.    We have different classes of membership. What does “RM”stand for?

Points will be awarded for correct answers. Please email your answers to me at fourrrol@aol.comand make sure to include “BCYC Staying at Home Game” in the subject section of the email, include your first and last name, and your email. All these answers can be found in your membership directory (except for the member’s favorite food). The first member who emails me with the correct answers to all four questions wins! Winner(s) will be recognized in the June issue of The Masthead. Play along! Stay safe and healthy while we are all staying at home.

Cruise, Rolf and Rhonda Rolnicki