This will be my last article for membership, as someone new will assume my position next year. I did want to mention a few things that happened along the way this year. First, I would like to thank Dan Boaz for all his help on the committee this year. He is a great guy and fun to work with. Thanks to my wonderful wife, Ronda, for helping arrange the interviews and set up those zoom meetings. Her help was invaluable. In addition, thanks to all the seasoned members of the club who assisted me in all of our new member committee meetings.

Welcome to our newest members: Ruth and Nicolas Clemence; Debbi Bodewin and William Wolfe; Salma Bushala-Hamud and Harold Hamud; Angelina and Dennis Maloy; Dr. Samuel Mayhugh; Jen Pfeiffer-Morris; and Denise and Robert Raymond.

Ruth and Nicolas have lived in Newport Beach for more than 35 years and they own European Collectibles in Costa Mesa. They are also the owners of a Tiara and hope to acquire a slip at the club.

Debbi and William are also residents of Newport Beach and run a technology firm in Riverside. They are in the process of purchasing a boat, hoping to bring it into the club marina.

Salma and Harold own an industrial rigging company and are looking forward to participating in club events and meeting new people and making friends.

Angelina and Dennis both worked at Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon before retiring. Angelina now runs a small business and Dennis is a graduate gemologist. They are looking to have fun at the club and make new friends.

Dr. Mayhugh has been a sailor for more than 50 years and is no stranger to BCYC. His two sons, Brian and Andrew, are already BCYC members.

Jen grew up in San Francisco where she racer Lasers and FJs. She met her husband while racing on Flaquita during Long Point Race Week and started racing on Amante in the Taco Tuesday races in 2015. She has been active on the BCYC Race Committee and will be handling awards and trophies at the club in 2016.

Denise and Robert are no strangers to BCYC as Denise was employed here about eight years ago when not working at her full-time job as a flight attendant. Denise so enjoyed BCYC that she wanted to introduce Robert to all that BCYC has to offer.

Most importantly, I would like to thank all of our new members who joined BCYC this year and for letting me get to know you. I have interacted with all of you and can honestly say you are a wonderful group of people and a real asset to BCYC. Now that I have gotten to know you, please get involved with some of the activities and/or committees at BCYC and help others get to know you, too. Your experience at the club will be greatly enriched and I promise that you will build lifelong friendships. Happy Holidays to all, stay safe and here is to a great 2021.

Membership, Rolf Rolnicki