As the holiday celebrations with family and friends have wound down, we are reminded of how wonderful it is to be part of the BCYC family. From the very first week that we joined several years ago, we were welcomed and embraced, and made to feel part of an amazing group of people who truly enjoy one another’s company. Members truly care about each other, and the true value of belonging to BCYC has become even more apparent as the years have gone by!

As equal equity owners of our magnificent club facilities and assets, members get to share and nurture as custodians for future generations. Located in what is probably the best site in Newport Harbor, we get to enjoy every aspect of water-centric activities, like sailing or power boating, as well as organized cruises, Showboat, bridge and bunco evenings, scotch and cigar nights, wine tastings and dinners, among many other wonderful events. In addition, we get to pursue those passions that give us personal pleasure, while at the same time supporting amazing and worthy causes, such as sponsoring our Camp Pendleton Marines to go home for Christmas, and through Los Commodoras, support their wives, too.

The club is not a personal fiefdom and as such, needs the active, enthusiastic and sustained involvement of all members to ensure that the club not only runs smoothly, but also that it continues to be collectively appreciated by all of BCYC’s members. Active engagement on the board, on committees and in the many social events, allows members with specific skill sets and interests to make a difference, thereby ensuring continuity from one year to the next. Becoming a member of this financially healthy and vibrant club truly is an honor and a privilege.

In 2018, our membership grew steadily and our increasingly active new members found a home that they could embrace. With your help and support, we look forward to growing the club membership further in 2019.

Commodore – Steve Moffett