The second half of 2020 is quickly opening up before us. July 4 is the club’s first big weekend on our calendar, followed by The Gala Wine Event on July 18, and the Las Commodoras dog show July 25. During the week, we have Prime Rib night July 2, Lounge Night on July 17, Pirate Day on July 22, and committee meetings are scheduled to be held at the club or through Zoom.

Our new normal is still in place with social distancing and wearing face coverings inside the club. We want members to feel safe being here and it means members supporting each other by following the protocols. As I am writing this article, our country has been through a very difficult time the last two weeks. BYCY could have been affected, and responded by ensuring the staff, members and club were safe. Thank you for your continued support during these times. 

What lies ahead for BCYC? We can look back to what we have been doing to help answer that question. We will be flexible and adjust when we need to do so; we will focus on the health and safety of staff and members; we will provide a place where you can relax, meet with friends and enjoy several hours in our beautiful club. However long it takes, BCYC will be here for you. 

Ginny Lombardi, Commodore