Ten years ago, the main level of BCYC was undergoing a major renovation and the project was behind schedule. Commodore Rozak had to decide if the Commodore’s Ball would need to be postponed from the scheduled date of May 17. Fast forward 10 years and we have ongoing projects that continue keeping the club in fantastic condition as BCYC celebrates its 60th birthday.

The Strategic Plan is being updated under the guidance of Director Stuart Leigh. Stuart has been chairing meetings that are looking at important aspects of the club. If asked to participate, please give your full attention to the particular topic being discussed. This document provides a road map for where and how BCYC grows and changes in the coming years.

The Mission Statement, which was introduced in 2017, is included in this issue of The Masthead. Keep this in mind as you enjoy the club, participate on committees and welcome new members.

Opening Day, May 12, is an opportunity to celebrate and welcome dignitaries and members of yacht clubs from throughout Southern California. A fine tradition on this day is to dress your boat with a rainbow of colorful international code flags. The sequence is based on a harmonious color scheme that has no meaning in terms of letters or numerals. The pageantry is heightened with all the boats dressed for the day. Please contact the club office to reserve your place in the marina for Opening Day if you keep your boat elsewhere.

The train stayed on the track in 2018’s version of Showboat. With a great cast and crew, we had a wonderful time traveling across the United States, celebrating many parts of this country in song and dance. I must admit it was quite different for me to be on stage rather than spending the show backstage as I have done as stage manager for the past several years. The efforts of the cast and crew are always amazing to be part of. Special thanks to Kari Konapelsky, Dee Shandera and Rhonda Tolar for championing Showboat this year, and to Nancy Bryant for her stellar work with the dancers and kids. We hope you enjoyed the show – see pictures from Showboat 2018 throughout this edition of The Masthead.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou –

Jerry Shandera