Calling all Members – get Involved in 2024

As rear commodore, I have the privilege of overseeing and supporting BCYC’s land-based committees. These committees offer numerous opportunities for member involvement.

For example, the Membership Committee is looking for volunteers to help with interviews, the new membership mentor program and an open house for prospective new members. The House and Grounds and Food and Beverage Committees are looking for member input on proposed renovations and other improvements to the clubhouse, grounds and menus. The Gala Committee is looking for volunteers to help with planning, auction items, charitable giving and decorating in connection with the Bahia Sail Racing Association’s annual fundraiser. Last, but certainly not least, the Activities Committee is looking for members to help with planning and decorating all of the wonderful parties and other events that we have at the club.

Committee meetings are shown in the Weekly Update and listed in the club calendar. Participate in these meetings and I’m sure that you will be glad you did.

George Hampton, Rear Commodore