And now we get to Brag!

In our previous articles, we’ve tried to give you a little history and background of some BCYC traditions. But many of our most beloved and treasured ones came from our own members!
  • Hats off to EB Barton for bringing back Retiring the Colors each night at sunset from previous years. And hats off during the salute, please.
  • Kudos to Staff Commodore Rhonda Tolar for the Taco Tuesday race series (17 years strong), May to August, and of course, the faaaaabulous Mexican buffet created by our culinary team, open to members and racers.
  • Showboat is one of our most famous events where members can showcase their musical and dancing talents. It truly takes a cast of many BCYC members to create and produce this annual extravaganza, and thank you to each one of you.
  • Father’s Day Car Show is an annual hit for oldsters and youngsters alike. The Annual Art Show will take place this year during Prime Rib Night, June 6.
  • Ducks for Bucks is one of the most entertaining and financially successful fund raisers for the Junior Program.
  • The Gala is another successful fund raiser, for BSRA.
  • Our Board of Directors made a brilliant decision years ago to purchase our marina, the only club on the bay to do so!
  • Did you know what happens if you fly your burgee upside down? You have to buy everyone in the Columbia Room a drink.
  • And, of course, the highly sought-after Chanticleer award is presented to a very deserving member for the biggest goof in their boat while flying the BCYC burgee.I know I’ve left out many member-driven traditions, so please feel free to drop me a note reminding me!
Traditions, Peggy Granberry