Welcome to BCYC Junior Sailing

Our goal is to instill a lifelong appreciation for sailing by creating an environment that promotes sportsmanship, safety and success. BCYC offers a premier Junior Sailing Program with benefits that won’t be found anywhere else in Newport Harbor. Private lessons can be arranged through the junior sailing director or head coach. Sabot sailors are responsible for providing their own boat. Club-owned CFJs and 420s are available to members. Each sailor will be matched with an appropriate certified sailing coach based on the sailor’s ability.

  • Aubrey Mayer Junior Sailing Director
    (949) 644-9530
Upcoming Events Full Calendar
06/26/2019 Joint briefing at 1:30
06/26/2019 Coaches Meeting
06/27/2019 Joint debrief
06/28/2019 Sabot, CFJ, 420 Class Membership Due
06/29/2019 Summer Gold Cup
07/02/2019 Cobweb Buster
07/03/2019 Joint practice
07/04/2019 Independence Day NO CLASSES
07/05/2019 Burger Bash
07/09/2019 Ocean RC Day
07/10/2019 C420 North American Championship
07/11/2019 Junior Olympic Festival
07/16/2019 Picture Day
07/18/2019 BFF Invitational
07/18/2019 Ocean RC Day
07/19/2019 Junior Women's Doublehanded Championship
07/22/2019 C420 National Championship
07/24/2019 All Girls Regatta
07/26/2019 Hyannis Regatta
07/26/2019 CFJ Nationals
07/29/2019 CJ Buckley Team Race Championship
07/30/2019 Ocean Bay Champs
08/06/2019 LIYC Nationals Dance