Camp Corinthian Summer Program

Our six-week flagship program begins in late June and ends in August. Running Monday through Friday, classes are offered for kids ages five to 17, incorporating everything from arts and crafts, swim classes, knot tying, and top-level competitive racing around Southern California. The program concludes with the INSA Junior Sabot Nationals.

Classes include the Starfish programs for kids ages five to seven, followed by the Novice program for ages eight+ where kids learn to sail. Next the sailors progress into the Sabot racing program where kids compete against other sailors traveling throughout the region, make their way up through a tiered ranking system based on ability level. Once the sailor master the Sabot, they graduate into the CFJ program as teenagers and learn to race double-handed boats. In addition to CFJs, we offer Club 420 sailboats which introduces the trapeze and opens the door to the national youth sailing circuit.

All programs emphasize learning, safety, and fun in addition to producing winning results. There is a place for every level of sailor in the Camp Corinthian Junior Sailing Program!

Program Information

Starts: Monday, June 21, 2021

Ends: Friday, July 30, 2021

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