Welcome to our New Cruise Crew

I would like to welcome and thank Staff Commodore Steve and Lauri Moffet for agreeing to join our Cruise Committee. Steve and Lauri, along with Julie Granbery and Scott Vernier, will be the cruise team to take you to those faraway places (or maybe not so faraway places) you have only been dreaming of! For those of you who do not know Steve and Lauri, and there may be one or two of you out there, they have been long-time members of BCYC and in the past, chaired the Cruise Committee for five years. Steve grew up in Long Beach where, at the age of five, he began sailing at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club and Leeway Sailing Club. He has owned and/or raced Sabots, FJ's and Etchells. He has also crewed on boats competing in such races as the Congressional Cup, Transpac and many races to Mexico. Lauri began her sailing career in approximately 1990 and fell in love with the experience to such an extent that she purchased a 45-foot sailboat and sailed to Brisbane, Australia, visiting 11 countries along the way. Her short little trip lasted two years. That's what you call a devoted sailor. Steve and Lauri met, of course, during a cruise to Avalon, and they have been together ever since, sharing their love of sailing. They have cruised their sailboat for over 13 years only to recently sell the boat and purchase a trawler. Life should now be a little less work for them. Welcome aboard to the Cruise Committee. We are glad to have you!

Rolf Rolnicki, Vice Commodore