Improvement in Many Areas

The last months have seen many significant improvements in our club. First, the 50-year-old gas heaters were removed from the Columbia Room patio and the canopy was installed. Next, the-mid patio canopies were installed, creating a totally new look and providing for excellent future utilization of this area. These are full weather canopies and are controlled by a wind speed sensor. Staff can extend the canopy in mild weather or wind, but if the wind picks up to a speed that will stress the frame, the canopy automatically retracts so there is no damage. The card room chairs have been reupholstered to blend with the club colors. And the Columbia Room leather bar stools are getting a refreshed treatment, bringing them back to their original color.

The ladies love the full-length mirror located in the main floor bathroom, but wait for the upgrades coming in the dressing room area! The House Committee is looking at projects for the front lobby, the women’s bathroom stalls and the marina. All members of the club are encouraged to come and participate and help provide the synergy to make our club an even more enjoyable home.

House, Ted O’Connor