Fishing Fever Near Catalina

The fishing during the Avalon cruise was a fantastic kick-off to the season, with team Bikini Babes proving they are the team to beat! We ran two four-hour excursions Saturday, and EVERYONE caught at least one fish. Congratulations to Staff Commodore Mary Bacon for catching a 25” bonita, the largest fish caught that day! Staff Commodore Ginny Lombardi landed a huge, almost record-breaking, mantis shrimp! Ian Hardy showed his stuff catching a sculpin, which Chase Jaramillo, our guide, used to teach us why we are very careful not to touch a poisonous spine or barb. Check out all the catches at our tournament website and join in!

The halibut, white sea bass, and yellow tail are biting, as proven during the May 22 Harbour Rod & Reel Club Butt’s N’ Bagels tournament, where Jennifer Pfeiffer took second place with 35”-13# and Lorie Buchanan with a 25”-8# halibut. Are you ready to go fishing yet? Go to the angling page at and join the fun. Everything you need in the way of tackle is at the club for your use.

We will see you on the next cruise and will be holding more events soon.

Jim & Lorie Buchanan, Angling
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