As is my custom, I use the October issue of The Masthead, to provide everyone with a “sneak peek” at what’s being planned for the 2023 racing year. Hopefully, we are past the disruptions to the schedule caused by COVID-19. I rearranged the race schedule to be able to group our series closer together. Here’s the plan:

JANUARY: We are going to take the month off to perform maintenance on the Race Committee boats and equipment. They get a lot of use during the year, so it’s time to get them back in top working order.
FEBRUARY: We’ll kick the 2023 racing year off with the first Angelman Series race and the SCYA Midwinter Regatta.
MARCH: A busy month with the second Angelman race, the first Weiss Series race and the long-running favorite…the Bogart Race to Avalon and back.
APRIL: The third Angelman and the second Weiss Series races are planned, plus we are scheduled to help NOSA with the start of the Newport to Ensenada race.
MAY: The third Weiss Series race and the Harbor 20 Charity Race are on the calendar, AND we will kick off the 13th consecutive year of our Taco Tuesday summer evening series.
JUNE: We will continue into the second month of Taco Tuesdays.
JULY: The PHRF Charity Race is on the calendar, and we will be running the third month of Taco Tuesday races.
AUGUST: Another local favorite, the Around the Islands Series, kicks off in this month, plus this is also the fourth and last month of the 2023 Taco Tuesday races – the final night of racing/parties will end with series prizes and recognition.
SEPTEMBER: Another busy month to include the Harbor 20 Tune Up, the second Around the Islands race and the first Wild Sailing race.
OCTOBER: The second Wild Sailing race and the third Around the Islands race complete these series, with only two more race days left for the year.
NOVEMBER: The first day of the two-race day Hot Rum Series is scheduled and, as usual, we will award some grog to the person or boat with the best pirate costume.
DECEMBER: We will complete the Hot Rum Series this month.

Finally…a few words of advice and a few requests to BCYC racers:
  • Review the 2023 Race Calendar once it is officially posted and plan out your racing year so that your crew can mark the dates on their calendar.
  • I post “Save The Date” info on the BCYCRacing Facebook and send emails out to racers who have entered one of our races before. If you want to be added to my mailing list, send me your contact info.
  • Register as early as you can. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes activities that need to occur to put on a race and knowing that we will have a good turnout is a real help in planning for the trophies and post-race parties.
  • Each year in January or February, I host an “Introduction to Sailboat Racing” seminar. If you or an acquaintance wants to learn how this all works, watch for the announcement and sign up…it’s free and open to the public!

Paul deCapua, Sail Fleet Captain