High School Sailing Fun

The Sea Otter Regatta, hosted by Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, is my favorite sailing event. It takes place Friday through Sunday in early October every year during the high school sailing season. I have great memories of leaving school for the seven-hour drive up the coast with my dad and a car full of my sailing friends.

This year, the regatta was Oct. 8-9. When we arrived Friday night, everyone gathered for dinner and video games before getting some sleep. The way high school sailing works is that there are two fleets that go out at different times, so one is sailing while the other is on land. It’s fun to hang out with friends while waiting for your turn to sail.

I have to thank the BCYC sailing program for helping me build my sailing skills. I am proud to be on my Newport Harbor High School team, and to be chosen to participate in these fun sailing events.

Jake Johansson, Junior Commodore