There have been some very nice additions to the continuous facility upgrades at BCYC. You will notice that the bar stools in the Columbia Room are gradually being returned to service completely refurbished. This ongoing project will last for a couple of months, as the chairs are being done one at a time. The House Committee has also started preliminary discussions regarding upgrading the dressing area in the ladies’ main floor restroom. This upgrade would include new carpet, furniture, wallpaper and make-up area with special lighting. We are installing a cell phone holder in one of the bathroom stalls in this restroom – should you be lucky enough to find that stall, let the House Committee know how you liked it! This feedback will determine if we install this feature in the remaining stalls. The committee is also considering adding another teak bench in the shower area of the downstairs restroom, aimed at alleviating user congestion.

It has been a very successful year for adding lasting improvements to our club. All of them, big and small, move us forward in member satisfaction and enjoyment of our unique yacht club. When you see a committee member, thank them for their time and effort to continuously maintain and upgrade our special home on the water. Always remember that all members are encouraged to participate in our meetings, where great ideas and synergy take place.

Ted O'Connor, House & Grounds